About us
Best, leading brand of hygienic products in Tunisia and Africa

Developed by the Grinparapha Group, Best is a brand specialized in the production and marketing of hygienic products.

Founded in 2004, Grinparapha started its commercial production in 2007 to offer its customers baby diapers, baby wipes and feminine napkins under the brands: Best baby and Best lady.

Certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2007, Grinparapha is marketing today one of the best brands of hygienic products in the Tunisian market.

Taking advantage of its strong presence in Tunisia, the Grinparapha group continues to open up on the international market and thus ensures the marketing of its hygienic products in Africa but also in Europe and Asia.

Quality hygienic items for women and babies

Being an expert in hygienic products, the Grinparapha group offers a wide range of hygiene products that promote the comfort and well-being of mothers and babies on a daily basis.

Indeed, we offer Best baby products which are high quality baby diapers under 4 different ranges to adapt to all choices of moms. From the Standard range to the Ultra Comfort range through the Comfort and Ultra Plus collections, you are free to choose the baby diapers that are best for your child.

Best also offers moms soft baby wipes for a quick and effective cleansing effect. In short, baby wipes of Best baby are made to make life easier for moms!

The brand Best lady is also present at the Grinparapha group, through the subsidiary Hypcom, to offer the best comfort to our female customers. Best lady has a wide selection of feminine sanitary napkins designed for an extreme feeling of softness and purity. Existing in different sizes, the feminine napkins of Best lady will meet all your needs.