Quality & Innovation
The quality respect is at the heart of our business

Leading group in the production and marketing of hygienic products, Grinparapha is committed to a strategy of continuous self-improvement whose main purpose is to satisfy three parties: customers, partners and employees.

To do this, we seek the efforts of any person working in Grinparapha and we rely on 4 axes:

  • Ensure the continuous evolution of our Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Improve the quality/price ratio while boosting quality and minimizing costs
  • Establish a system based on communication and listening from where a very responsive customer service.
  • Advance the situation of the company in terms of hygiene, safety and environment.

Certified ISO 9001:2008, we maintain an effective Quality Management System while involving the Management Representative in this process, whose main role is to report on the functioning of the QMS and ensure its continuous improvement.

Innovation is the driver of our growth

Because we ensure the optimal satisfaction of our customers, partners and administrations with whom we collaborate, Grinparapha places innovation at the heart of its major concerns, from product design to its commercialization.

Indeed, we implement all our human and material resources in order to design the product that perfectly adapts to the needs of our customers. In our factory, we combine the expertise of our professionals with the performance of our machines to stand out from the competition.

Creativity and rigor are key to our success in Grinparapha where the best brands of hygienic products, Best Baby and Best lady, have emerged.