Jumbo Normal (Large)
9 to 18 kg
Nombre de pièce / paquet :
  • Protection
    Give your baby a good night's sleep
    12-hour protection

    Equipped with effective anti-leak barriers, the Best baby diaper provides optimal protection for your child and keeps him/her dry for up to 12 hours.

  • Comfort
    Offer maximum comfort to your child
    Customized comfort

    The Best baby diaper is the ideal choice to reach the comfort of your baby. Available in five sizes, the Best baby Diaper fits boys and girls and gives your baby a lasting "stay dry" feeling.

  • Softness
    Best baby, the hygienic choice of your baby!
    An incomparable softness

    Made from materials that are carefully selected by the field experts, the Best baby diapers have a high-performance composition that offers extreme softness for all baby skins.

  • Mega Absorbant
    ,The best choice for a dry baby !
    Perfect absorption

    The acquisition layer ensures rapid absorption by distributing the liquid uniformly over the entire surface. It also prevents the rising of the liquid to guarantee your baby dry